Parsec Launch & Building for the Next 10 years of DeFi

We are proud to announce the public launch of Parsec after months of iteration with our alpha users. After building mostly in private, it is finally time for us to unveil Parsec to the world and articulate our core values and goals.

Ever since the MakerDAO Whitepaper, it has been my conviction that decentralized financial products will eat Wall Street. As a trader through and through, DeFi has always struck me as hugely disruptive and *incredible* to trade. Over the past year, innovation in this space has been convex, ruthlessly outpacing any ability for the market to price and identify opportunities. What this leaves is a divergent and accelerating edge to be cultivated by the informed. Parsec’s purpose is to provide users the tools to cross this chasm.

Parsec is designed to be your eyes and ears. It is the beating heart of the market, equipped with real-time data streams and rich high fidelity visualizations that paint a picture of an often opaque market. In our initial release, traders will be able to utilize over 30 unique components that provide insight into DeFi’s market structure, from prices to interest rates to on-chain data (feature list). Traders can also track their portfolio and trade in the app, making the experience similar to that of a professional brokerage account without the friction of custody. It is truly an all in one trading experience that rapidly evolves with the market.

example parsec layout

Our goals are ambitious, namely to visualize and analyze as much of this emerging market as possible, a tall order that will compound as DeFi scales. We are pleased to announce that we have raised $1.25 Million in Seed funding led by Polychain Capital with participation from Robot Ventures, Volt Capital, and Free Company along with individual contributions from Alex Pack, Eric Conner, and Will Price who is also an advisor to the company. All of whom provide unique skills and leverage to help us meet our lofty goals. If you are compelled to join our team on this journey, please reach out.

Our flagship product is and will continue to be the core interface. As we grow our focus will be on layering complimentary services on top of the core product as well as constantly shipping cutting edge forms of DeFi market data to users.

Happy trading 🔭

Trader // Engineer, tinkering on crypto and prediction markets

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